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Coaching is an activity where you have the opportunity to work with a coach who is trained and certified to provide support in various areas, such as life coaching, wealth coaching, organizational coaching, sports coaching, executive coaching, ontological coaching, among others.

If you don't invest in yourself, then what will you invest in? We're not talking about an expense, like those sneakers you like so much, but in what other vehicle will you invest your money. Will it be stocks? Real estate? Retail? Consumer goods or services? Perhaps cryptocurrencies, mining, some NFTs (such as a valuable piece of digital art), or maybe virtual land in a metaverse. Therefore, understanding the importance of diversification, it's crucial to invest in yourself because the journey is long.

Let's be honest, every high-performance athlete has a coach to help them succeed. Realistically, not only in sports but in a comprehensive way.

 Therefore, if many of us want to be high performers in our profession, we must realize that with a little help, we can be more fulfilled, more efficient, improve our quality of life, and lastly, and most importantly, be happier and achieve our goals in a shorter time.

Because we've been in your shoes, because you're not alone, and because everyone in life can unlock their full potential. Our staff can assist with your needs based on our cross-disciplinary experience.

In Western culture, it is very common to find people with very little financial knowledge, and this is due to various factors, such as a lack of financial literacy in their parents, taboos, and, lastly, the lack of education in schools and universities.
In Western culture, it is very common to find people with very little financial knowledge, and this is due to various factors, such as a lack of financial literacy in their parents, taboos, and, lastly, the lack of education in schools and universities.
That's why we will help you eliminate the taboos surrounding discussions about money and how we can organically and sustainably increase our wealth from generation to generation.

Some of the points that are covered in coaching sessions 
or seminars include:

The diversification of wealth should not only be accompanied by the various vehicles in which you plan to transport your assets but also in how they grow over time (short, medium, and long term).

Within diversification, the first thing to understand is the importance of diversifying into different avenues to earn dividends or income. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware that even if you are an executive within a company, you should dedicate some hours of your free time to create other sources of income. This will also help you discover other potentials within yourself, which you can gradually explore over time.

It is true that when you are an entrepreneur or business owner, it is VERY important to focus on maximizing the profitability of your business and dedicate enough time for it to grow consistently. However, it is never healthy to invest all your time and wealth in a single business, as any changes that arise in the market (no matter how solid your business is) could lead to losing everything. Therefore, you should always look for ways and opportunities to invest and diversify, even if these new business endeavors do not immediately generate the money you have in mind.

On the other hand, it is important to have a savings capacity to invest in various vehicles that help us achieve returns over different time frames. Some of these include:


Precious metals



Real estate

Cryptocurrency mining

Why is it important to know and get involved in more of these simultaneously?

Cryptocurrency purchase

Trading in: financial derivatives, currencies, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, among others.

Retirement savings fund



Angel investor

Also known as healthy debt.

It's a beautiful tool to accelerate the growth of your wealth using the resources of a third party.

For those less familiar with the topic, financial leverage is commonly used in the real estate industry, both for the owner of a real estate company and for individual property investors.

We will use two examples for this:

  1. The common practice for those buying real estate is not to acquire 100% of the property. Instead, they use a minimal down payment percentage and then pay the remaining amount in installments, gradually settling the entire debt while gaining ownership of the property.
  2. If you have a business idea or simply wish to invest in some type of investment, of which you are fully confident (100% certainty is impossible when investing), you have two alternatives: The first is to use your own capital to achieve a positive return over time.
  3. The other alternative is to use the resources of a third party to avoid tying up your own capital, and in this way, you can also increase your wealth.
  4. For both cases, which are entirely separate examples, financial leverage is used. You will now understand why it is so powerful when used correctly:

For the first example, if a bank is going to charge you an annual interest rate of 4%, and you know that by investing part of your capital, you can use that money in the stock market, fixed or variable income mutual funds, and even if the market performs poorly, it will give you a minimum return of 5%. So, why leave that 1% on the table when you can use money from a bank and continue growing with that 1% difference?

On the other hand, the second example can be addressed as follows: If you have a business in mind or an investment project (whatever it may be), you can apply for consumer credit or short-term (bullet) credit, where the monthly interest rate is usually less than 1%. Therefore, if you know that you can make your business or investment profitable with figures higher than that 1%, focus your energy and concentration on borrowing that money and putting it to work to generate higher sources of income (since, even if you repay that credit in 6 or 12 months, it ensures that the profitability generated in your project will grow much more than that low monthly rate).

Within your possibilities, time, and experience in the financial and business world, it is important to allocate a small percentage of your wealth to be used for venture capital or seed capital so that one day you can become an angel investor.

Because the success rate is low, it's important that the percentage you invest from your capital does not exceed 10% of your wealth. While it involves risk, consider that if you succeed with an entrepreneur, asset, or service, it can generate an income source that exceeds the invested capital.

Financial literacy should always be accompanied by tax literacy and guidance from a trusted legal and tax professional. Depending on the country and type of business, you can reduce taxes, significantly increasing your wealth without leaving that money on the table.

This does not imply evasion; on the contrary, it is directly related to understanding the rules and using them to your advantage to build greater wealth in the long term.

There are many ways to do it, and they are directly related to the type of structure you want to have in your economic group. With us, you can discover and bring various ideas to the table on how to make it a reality.

At the moment of birth, all we know is that one day we will die, and we will only leave behind what we managed to sow and harvest in life. We're not talking about the money and wealth your descendants will inherit, but about the knowledge passed on, so that they have the necessary tools to continue evolving financially.

That's why we can accompany you to talk about money, give advice on how to discuss these topics within the family openly and without taboos, as well as how to pass on this knowledge to those around you.

"Remember: It's not smarter to have generated more money in life, but rather the one who manages to increase that money from generation to generation."

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