In large companies, when you are surrounded by top management, it is very common to encounter inflated egos, as well as family businesses where different generations and personal conflicts interfere with professional matters.

In many cases, this leads to a loss of focus on your business, allowing the competition to continue advancing while you are busy discussing how to expand the budget for the next year.

Having Sergio Jelincic on the board of directors of your company will not only provide a neutral perspective but also bring in an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business and international relations.


Whether it's goods or services, the experience and support that Sergio Jelincic will bring to the board will contribute by providing order, structure, focus, ideas, concepts, and above all, a professional approach to maximize the results of your business.

Sergio Jelincic is characterized by having a visionary perspective, and as a board member, he provides an approach linked to his extensive experience in sales, operations, marketing, innovation, and leadership. This experience has been gained by actively participating in various companies, generating solid and significant growth year after year. Additionally, Sergio Jelincic has accredited studies that contribute to his professional performance.

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