Upon waking up, our body is dehydrated and lacks flexibility. That's why it's important to establish a daily routine, no matter how exhausted you may feel, as this will uplift your spirit and energy.

Upon waking up, have a glass or bottle of water and try to drink as much liquid as possible, as your body is completely dehydrated in the morning, and this will help circulate this new 'fuel' in your body.

Depending on the time you have, which is directly related to your lifestyle and responsibilities, you should exercise, as it wakes up your metabolism and injects endorphins into your nervous system.

Here are a couple of examples based on four different time blocks you may have in the morning, taking into account atmospheric conditions:

10 minutes: Stretching, jumps, squats, push-ups, and a couple of minutes for deep breathing.

20 minutes: Cardiovascular routine that can incorporate some repetitions of muscle work, such as burpees, push-ups, triceps exercises, various leg exercises, and abdominal workouts.

30 minutes or more: With this time, you can go for a run and spend some time at a nearby park to practice calisthenics exercises.

After the routine you manage to accomplish based on your time, it's recommended to take a shower, ideally finishing the last few minutes or even seconds with very cold water. Doing this will reactivate your nervous system, which will:

Activate and accelerate blood circulation. Reduce muscle pain after an intense workout. Support the immune system. Increase endorphins. And, lastly, help you wake up.

If you do this repeatedly throughout your life, I can assure you that you will achieve a change that will bring about a positive transformation in your mental and physical health, and in the process, you'll be a TITAN in anything related to your business or the job you aim to develop and climb the professional ladder."